Hi, I’m Alan.

I draw a lot, here are some books I’ve made, as well as some sketches I’ve done at conventions.

Man Grooves: Flight of the Fenghuang
This is an illustrated middle-grade novel. It is prose (not a graphic novel).
It’s about a folk band of monsters who solve Scooby-doo-style mysteries.
Olivia Olivetti: A Japanese Yokai in London
Olivia Olivetti is also illustrated prose. It is a short story set in the “Big in Japan” universe.
Captain America was drawn in Florida over the 4th of July a couple years ago.
I drew this at G-fest a few years back…
This was my first experiment with my portable watercolor rig.
A sketch cover.
First sketch done live at a con with the new portable watercolor rig.

First sketch done live at a con with the new portable wMy latest comic book is called “Black Land”. It’s a retelling of some of the classic literary monster stories that inspired the Universal monsters if they were all teenagers living in the Mississippi delta.

It is a 52-page b&w magazine-size original graphic novella.

I launched the kickstarter this month (Insert link), and the books will ship about a month before Halloween!

Here are some interior images and a video of me drawing it!

If you want to keep up with what I’m doing, please sign up for my monthly e-mail. It includes tutorial videos, free music, and free stories!

Ink Spatter Press is really just me right now. Hi, I’m Alan. I’m an illustrator and designer who likes to write. I’ve created some shirt designs and set them up for purchase on this page.

I play a lot of Irish music with my wife, so I made some Celtic shirts.

I draw a lot of monster stories, so I’ve made some shirts relate to cryptids and classic monster stories.

I live in the Smoky Mountains, so I made some shirts related to mountain life.

I also write/draw comics and illustrated books for middle grade and young adult audiences, so I made some shirts related to my stories.

I hope you find something you like!

Visit my webstore: inkspatterpress.com