Hi, I’m Alan.

I draw a lot, here are some books I’ve made, as well as some sketches I’ve done at conventions.

Man Grooves: Flight of the Fenghuang
This is an illustrated middle-grade novel. It is prose (not a graphic novel).
It’s about a folk band of monsters who solve Scooby-doo-style mysteries.
Olivia Olivetti: A Japanese Yokai in London
Olivia Olivetti is also illustrated prose. It is a short story set in the “Big in Japan” universe.
Captain America was drawn in Florida over the 4th of July a couple years ago.
I drew this at G-fest a few years back…
This was my first experiment with my portable watercolor rig.
A sketch cover.
First sketch done live at a con with the new portable watercolor rig.

My latest comic book is called “Black Land”. It’s a retelling of some of the classic literary monster stories that inspired the Universal monsters if they were all teenagers living in the Mississippi delta.

It is a 52-page b&w magazine-size original graphic novella.

I launched the kickstarter this month (Insert link), and the books will ship about a month b before Halloween!

Here are some interior images and a video of me drawing it!

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